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There was a time when only the rich invested in stocks

That age ended. 

There was a time when only the rich invested in startups

That age is ending.

Everyone can invest in startups now, but there involves a lot of risk

Crowdscale reviews startup investments and provide a score based on our analysis

Kevin Fulmer Reviewing Crowdfunding Businesses

About Kevin Fulmer

I was one of the first users of Robinhood when it disrupted the market, and I've been fascinated by democratized investing ever since.

After notching half a million page views as an independent writer covering stocks on Seeking Alpha, I realized that there was no content being made in the startup investing space. I made Crowdscale to be that content.

I've been investing in startups for 5 years, and through Crowdscale I hope to share the learnings I've picked up along the way
Crowdscale Reviewing Startup Company for Crowdfunding Investment

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