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7 Gifts for the adventurer in your life

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

You are on your phone, likely in a slouched position.

These gifts are not for you - they're a curated selection of adventurous gear + fuel to help people who are better than us stay active + refuel.

Each of these products are made by startups are raising money through crowdfunding so you can invest and own a piece of them too!

That's right - this is the very first holiday gift guide where you can own the product AND a slice of the company


1. Hylete Athletic Shorts

  • Hyelte's Fuse Shorts employ 4-way stretch fabric and a stowaway pocket to safely stash your valuables

  • A 5 star rating from over 1500 reviews can't be wrong, can they?? Just in case, Hylete promises 100% satisfaction or your money back (within 60 days)

  • Investors who commit $499+ will receive a lifetime discount of 30% on all products


2. Crossnet 4-Way Volleyball

  • Crossnet is a fun spin on volleyball that pits 4 players against one another

  • It's easy to set up, and their premiere family version is currently on sale for $99!

  • Investors who commit $1,000+ receive an Ultimate Crossnet bundle for free!


3. PureBoost Energy Mix Pack

  • PureBoost is an energy mix that promises no sugar or preservatives. It jolts your body with B12 + Green Tea caffeine when you need the extra boost

  • Investors who commit $250+ to the company can secure a one-time 50% discount to a 30-pack of PureBoost


4. UV-Blocking Long-Sleeve Shirt

  • Lambs has engineered the healthiest apparel out there. Their fabric blocks 99% of UV rays, bacteria, and even consumer-grade radiation

  • Investors who commit $500+ can secure a free Lambs hat with their first order ($89 value) and mention on their website 'hall of fame'


5. Seated Electric Scooter

  • Boaz has created one of the easiest micromobility options out there, incorporating a wide foot deck, mirrors, and a seat for lower center of gravity when riding

  • The Exodus Scooter can travel 9-11 miles on a single charge and weighs just 33 pounds

  • Investors who commit $1,000+ will receive a Boaz t-shirt and a $50 credit towards the Boaz rental scooter network

6. Easy Keto Baking Kit

  • This keto-friendly baking kit includes scrumptious, easy-to-make low carb mixes that’ll give you sweet memories of dessert without all of the carbs or sugar

  • Investors who commit $250+ will receive a 5% discount on all Keto + Co products

7. Plant-Based Super Hydration Drink

  • Rejoy is a plant-based beverage that low on calories and high on electrolytes to fuel your energy

  • The mix pack comes with 4 cans of Mixed Berry, Tangerine-Yerba Matte, and Lime Ginseng flavors

  • Investors who commit $250 will receive a 10% discount on all products for 1 year


Have more to add to our amazing gift guide? Email to let us know!

Crowdscale is not recommending viewers to invest in the above companies, users should do their own research before deciding to invest or not

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