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Best Fashion Gift Guide for Crowdfunded Products

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

The holidays are here, and nothing is more stressful than gift-giving!

Below are a collection of startups that offer amazing products in the fashion category - you can choose to buy from these small businesses that are looking to disrupt the fashion industry.

And if you like the product enough, each of these startups are raising money through crowdfunding so you can invest and own a piece of them too!

That's right - this is the very first holiday gift guide where you can own the company's products...and its equity


1. Redthread

custom clothing scans

  • Anxious about what size clothing to get for someone? Redthread eliminates that stress, as each garment is made custom-order for the customer

  • Redthread's technology is able to determine the perfect sizing based off of just two photos, making it easy to get the right size!


2. Comrad

socks that love you

  • Comrad has designed premium compression socks that are designed for comfort and performance

  • Their socks promote circulation in the body, which has been linked to an increase in energy, recovery, and pain relief


3. Talley + Twine

sophisticated watches

  • Talley + Twine have sold over $2M+ worth of their watches, which are both functional and fashionable

  • Led by minority founders, the watches have a distinctive minimalistic face, adjustable band, and are crafted from 316; surgical-grade stainless steel that won't tarnish over time


4. Kitsbow

USA-made cycling apparel

  • Only 2% of clothing bought in the US is made in the US. Kitsbow is sewn in North Carolina, helping provide jobs and reduce shipping emissions

  • Kitsbow's outdoor/cycling clothing is made-to-order, greatly reducing the amount of waste that is generated


5. California Cowboy

functional apparel

  • California Cowboy designs vibrant apparel that are packed with functional features: secure sunglass clasp, bottle opener, water-resistant pockets to protect your tech, etc.

  • The company has hundreds of 5-star reviews and makes everything from from Hawaiian shirts to flannels


Have more to add to our amazing gift guide? Email to let us know!

Crowdscale is not recommending viewers to invest in the above companies, users should do their own research before deciding to invest or not

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