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Holiday Gifting Guide - Best of Wefunder 🚀

Finding the perfect gift is difficult - there seems to be 10-15 popular gifts that are repasted across every gifting guide

This gift guide is different - all gifts are sourced from under-the-radar startups and won't be found out in the wild!

We scanned fundraising portal Wefunder to find these startups - each company is raising money through crowdfunding so you can invest and own a piece of them too!

That's right - this is the very first holiday gift guide where you can own the product AND a slice of the company


1. Nutr - Plant-Based Milk Maker

  • Nutr has designed an elegant machine that can make nearly every type of milk, including soy & rice milk

  • Investors who commit $1,000+ will receive a lifetime discount of 10% on all merchandise and a FREE Nutr machine (current model)


2. Seedsheet Easy Garden

  • Seedsheet is the perfect gift for someone who loves plants, but might not have the green thumb to bring their passion to life

  • Customers pick out their plants online, place the seeded mat on top of soil, and watch their plants come to life!


3. Cannabis Home-Grow Machine

  • Annaboto promises to automatically grow 2oz of high-quality cannabis every 90 days

  • Users will only be required to press a button and change the water supply on a weekly basis

  • While the machine is not cheap, it promises to pay for itself within 6 months

  • Investors who commit $1,000+ to the company can secure a 20% discount on an Annabotodevice


4. Cannabis Mixers

  • TWO cannabis products back-to-back??? We know.

  • People add juices & mixers to alcohol to make delicious cocktails, why not do the same for marijuana?

  • Bud Love has created herbal mixers that enhance the flavor & experience of consuming marijuana

  • Investors who commit $500+ can secure a 50% discount on their first order


5. Blue Agave Tequila

  • Espanita Tequila has won numerous accolades, and is a 2021 'Tequila of the Year' winner

  • Its bold flavor has been highlighted by Forbes, Chilled, Tasting Panel, Vinepair, Rachel Ray, and Bartender Magazine

  • Investors who commit $250+ will receive a branded Espanita t-shirt

  • Investors who commit $500+ will receive a branded Espanita t-shirt and drinking glass

6. Membership to a floating club in Miami

  • Okay so this is only a gift for someone you REALLY love, because annual memberships to the floating villa start at $6,250

  • Memberships allow you to enjoy Miami's futuristic social club, made of 4 solar-electric yachts positioned above the water

  • Investors who commit $500+ will receive a complimentary day pass to any ARKHAUS location ($100 value)


Have more to add to our amazing gift guide? Email to let us know!

Crowdscale is not recommending viewers to invest in the above companies, users should do their own research before deciding to invest or not

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